Quick Update

I’ve been occasionally posting on various platforms for a while and I figured I’d finally spin up a dedicated blog. I’ll likely leave other content elsewhere for now but I might migrate a few posts I think are worthwhile but I’ll clean them up and post 2022 versions of them to make sure its accurate.

What Am Using?

  • GitHub Pages - It’s decent, it’s free and it’s easy to use
  • Blogging Platform - Hugo, for reasons below
  • Theme - Papermod, because it’s lightweight and the creator is a security engineer
  • Domains - Namecheap
  • Analytics - Google Analytics

Hugo vs Other Platforms

I’ve been using Go on and off for a few years and I figured I need a side project that’ll make me stick with it rather than having to relearn everything again every 4-6 months. Given most of my day is no longer coding since I moved into a senior management role, I wanted to start up a side project where I can at least keep the rust from building up over time.

Honestly I probably wouldn’t recommend spinning up your own blog in 2022 using Jekyll or Hugo. Tools like Squarespace and Wix give you so much stuff for free these days it makes it so much easier to setup SEO, Google Analytics, Themes etc. At the small scale I’d honestly just say use one of those tools unless you really want to dive into something creative like making your own specific themes.